For users with disabilities

1. Increase / decrease the font size

If you want to increase / decrease font size, use the three (3) alpha at the top right of our website. "A-" decreases the font size each time it is pressed. "A+" increases the font size each time it is pressed. By pressing the middle "A", the text returns to its normal size.


2. Simplistic access to information

You can navigate through our website using only your keyboard or mouse. The following sitemap of our website consists of hyperlinks to every page of our website. Moreover, hotkeys are provided for browsing using only your keyboard (without requiring to use any combination of keys). Simply press the appropriate letter and the you are guided to the webpage you want. Caution: The keyboard language should be in English.

[ h ] Home
[ a ] Accommodation
[ l ] Layout
[ s ] Services
[ g ] Gallery
[ f ] Corfu
[ c ] Contact
[ b ] Βοοκ
[ m ] sitemap / For users with disabilities


3. Accessing information via audio

In our website audio transmission of the text is enabled. You can select the text you want to hear (using your mouse) and then press on the audio icon sounds that is showing in order to hear the selected text.


4. Color Contrast

Using the hyperlink amea on the top right of our webpage, you can change the styling of our webpage so as to become easier for people with disabilities to use. Pressing again the same hyperlink our webpage returns to its previous form.